About Me

jck 2I have been involved in congregational development for over 25 years. First in England working in small villages, towns, inner cities and university Chaplaincy. Then, in Canada, re-founding a parish that had left the diocese, offering interim ministry and lastly as rector of the largest parish in that diocese other than the cathedral. I moved to San Francisco in 2017 to support my wife’s post at Grace Cathedral and have been consulting in Congregational Development in the Diocese.

In England, I helped local churches make connections with their local communities. In Canada and the US I have been equipping church leadership teams, lay and ordained, with the tools they need to be the Body of Christ in their time and place. I am a trainer with the College for Congregational Development.

As a consultant working alongside organizations, I am committed to the idea that I am not the expert who can inspect, diagnose and come up with a solution that will fix everything. The organization has the information and wisdom it needs. I can help uncover and organize that information in ways that help the organization make better choices, develop plans, and commit to action.

My deepest joy in my work is when a community connects their story to the story of faith and finds peace or challenge, respite or resolve. I currently live in San Francisco, am a Green Card holder and a British and Canadian citizen. I am qualified in Intercultural Competency Development (IDI inc); am a certified practitioner using Myers-Brigg typology (MBTI); and trained as an Interim Minister.